Donations to help maintain our association


Any donation received with our immense gratitude!

Donations for patients

  • Helmets, boots, pants, etc.
  • Wheelchairs.
  • All sorts of toys, walking frames, tricycles, etc.

Donations for horses

If you want to help us with our equipment inventory any of the following will be gratefully received:

  • Bridles, reins and headcollars
  • English style saddles
  • Girth straps
  • Lead reins
  • Blankets
  • Padded numnahs or saddle cloths
  • Leg bandages and boots

Donations for our instalations and services

If you want to help us with our plans to improve our services we would appreciate:

  • Building materials
  • Volunteers

Donations for essential projects

If you want to contribute to our funds for financing the following projects:

  • Mounting ramp for the disabled
  • Rehabilitation and massage room
  • Changing room with a shower
  • Game Room
  • Electrically adjustable bed
  • Reception area

You can send your donation to the account 2100 2131 16 0200338223  in the bank, "La Caixa", in Avenida Reina Victoria Avenue, 37, 28003 Madrid.  Phone: (+34) 91535 0960, fax: (+34) 91535 1811.

All kinds of donations are highly appreciated.

All of our patients: children, teenagers and adults are extremely grateful for your continual generosity.

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