Who are we?

The Ismael Pinto Equine Therapy Association

We are a group of medical professionals that have formed a non-profit association for the purpose of helping people using the therapeutic principles of Equine Therapy

The Ismael Pinto Equine Therapy Association is a registered non-profit organisation, number: 171087. It is also registered with the Spanish Ministry of Finance with NIF - G 83774661.

The Ismael Pinto Equine Therapy Association was created following the terms and conditions laid out under Spanish law as per "La Ley Orgánica 1 / 2002, de 22 Marzo"  allowing it to act as a legal entity and non-profit organisation.

This association was constituted for an indefinite period and has its closing date for each financial year on December 31.

Our objectives

  • Our primary concern is the treatment, development, education, training, assistance and preservation of well being.
  • To provide the benefits of physical, mental and social therapy to both children and adults with special needs.
  • To encourage the development and refinement of educational resources (vocational and professional) as well as encouraging studies and research relating to problems of physical and mental deficiency.
  • Provide practical, professional training courses in Equine Therapy and other forms of therapy.
  • Facilitate an interchange of information with associations, foundations and institutions in other countries.
  • Signing agreements with public institutions and/or specialists.
  • Incorporate other activities as and when when deemed necessary by the association's administrators.


Ismael Pinto Souza   President    
Vicente Toro Orti   Vice President    
Daniel Martín García   Secretary    


Aldea Ecuestre   (+34) 670 602 157   Riding club
EBC y Asociados   (+34) 91 350 6980   Language training
EBC Servicios Lingüísticos   (+34) 91 555 3975   Educational training
Euro Residencias Gestion   902 010 066   Construction
Flores Pili   (+34) 91 564 7903   Florist
Juan Antonio Martinis-Tessier   (+34) 91 420 1888   Contributor
M&N - CB   (+34) 91 569 7637   Builders

Special thanks to

Profesora Verónica Martinis   Fundación Cordobesa, Argentina
Profesora Liana Pires Santos   Psicopedagoga, especialista en Equinoterapia, Sao Paulo, Brasil
Teniente Coronel Yvens Catalano   Caballería Sao Paulo, Brasil
Juan Isidro Rodríguez    

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