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Aldea Ecuestre

Aldea Ecuestre is a privately owned riding club that allows us to use their facilities for our patients.

The riding club is located close to the village of Fuente del Saz de Jarama in the community of Madrid.  The club has 2 large outdoor paddocks and an indoor covered paddock that enables us to operate throughout the year.

The horse boxes and social club face a beautiful Andalusian style courtyard with a fountain.

Just outside the club there is free access to miles and miles of countryside offering our patients the opportunity to have enjoyable experiences within a natural and quiet environment.

The address of Aldea Ecuestre is: Vereda de Santa Catalina s/n, Fuente el Saz de Jarama, Madrid.


How to get there

  1. Take the A1/N1 going north towards Burgos, get off at Km 23 direction - Algete.

  2. After taking the exit you'll go down a ramp towards a roundabout.

  3. At the roundabout, take the exit towards Algete.

  4. Go straight across the next roundabout (there is a McDonalds on the right) continuing towards Algete.

  5. When you get to the next roundabout, take the fourth exit in the direction of Fuente del Saz de Jarama, road number M-111.

  6. Turn left off the M-111 at Km 22. There is a sign that says "Aldea Ecuestre".

  7. Then follow the road to the end as shown by the red dots on the map.


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